SolarUS Solar Thermal Dealers

SolarUS is dedicated to conducting our partnerships ethically and with integrity as we take every step we can to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices throughout our organization.

SolarUS’ products are scalable and can be utilized in many commercial applications such as manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, office buildings and other clientele.

The SOLUS™ range of evacuated tube collectors is ideal for projects such as solar absorption air conditioning, solar heating, solar dehumidification and heat for process applications.

SolarUS realizes that your business has its own particular needs so we have designed our systems to be individually tailored to each specific situation. SolarUS affiliates will create a personal solution for you using one of a combination of our three collectors in addition to other SolarUS components such as one of the SolarUS Smart Controllers.

The United States has a great opportunity to transform our economy from one running on fossil fuels to one based on clean energy beginning with offering solar power into our mainstream society. After all, solar thermal is the most efficient of all of the renewable fuel sources. Our evacuated tube collectors are more than 86.1% efficient.

SolarUs utilizes evacuated tube collectors because of their high performance in very cold conditions. In Manitoba, Canada, evacuated tube collectors produce 160 degrees Fahrenheit of water with an outside temperature of -49 degrees Fahrenheit! Free heat from nature. What can you use it for?


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