Solar Hot Water

  1. Solar Hot Water

solarusA solar domestic hot water system acts as a pre-heater for your existing hot water system.


Depending on your location, state/utility rebates and federal tax credits exist which help offset costs.



SolarUS evacuated tube collectors efficiently work to collect thermal energy even in the coldest months of the year. This coupled with a glycol closed-loop design will deliver heat to from your roof to your storage tank all year round.



SolarUS collectors are warranted for 15 years, one of the longest in the industry, with a lifetime expectancy of 30 years or more.


How much will I save?

Roughly 30% of a home’s energy uses go towards heating water. This system will typically save 70% or more of that amount. Your savings will also vary depending on the type of fuel you will be offsetting.


System Sizes and Roof space:

There are two size collectors that SolarUS Manufactures, SL-20 (20 tubes) and SL-30 (30 tubes).

A SL-20 will on average supply 40-60 gallons of hot water in 1 day.

A SL-30 will on average supply 60-80 gallons of hot water in 1 day.


Based on national average of water consumption, the following matrix can be assumed:

Estimates: System Size System Cost including installation (will vary) Minus Rebates and Federal Tax Credit.  Rebates will depend on the state. See below for CT Example:
1 person One SL-20 $6,000 – $10,000 Federal Tax Credit: 30% of System Cost.CT Rebate:$1,484.
2 people One SL-30 $8,000 – $12,000 Federal Tax Credit: 30% of System Cost.CT Rebate:$2,233.
4 people Two SL-30s $10,000 – $14,000 Federal Tax Credit: 30% of System Cost.CT Rebate:$4,433.