Solar Thermal Monitoring:

Monitoring is important. Without knowing the actual production of your system, either solar PV or solar Thermal, you cannot be assured that your system is operational, and working to its designed capacity.

Our Web-Based monitoring system alerts you, or your installer, about system performance issues BEFORE they impact your payback.

For Homeowners:










For Installers:

  1. System Performance graphics show daily, weekly, annual performance metrics
  2. “Equivalent values” show the direct impact your system has on the planet:
  3. Tons of Carbon avoided
  4. Number of trees saved
  5. Total carbon footprint impact
  6. Mobile and iphone apps allow you to check your system from anywhere!Contact us for specific information or visit your local dealer.


Additional Downloads:

Apollo 1 Energy Monitor

Apollo 1 Device Features

Apollo 2 Energy Monitor

Apollo 2 Product Feature Comparison

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