Roofing Tile Systems

While the benefits of solar panels are widely known, there are still a significant number of homeowners who believe them to be unattractive additions to a roof. The invention of solar roof tiles has provided a solution to this problem as they are installed as a seamless part of the roof, almost indistinguishable from standard roof tiles.

There are 3 options when installing solar technology on your home: on-roof, in-roof or complete roof.

  • On-roof is the most commonly seen i.e. panels attached to a frame which is mounted on top of the roof.
  • In-roof (a.k.a integrated solar) replaces a section of the roof so that the panels sit flush with the roof’s structure and are less visually obvious.
  • A complete solar roof involves the installation of brand new roof made up of a combination of standard tiles and solar roof tiles.

Solar roof tiles are small solar PV panels which absorb sunlight and generate electricity in exactly the same way. The key difference is that they look and perform just like normal roof tiles. Contact Us for a complimentary estimate.