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SolarUS Distributer Qualifications

 The SolarUS Distribution Network

The renewable industry is growing rapidly, and solar thermal is a key part of that growth.  SolarUS growth strategy involves both increasing the size of the market, as well as developing a strong market share as the market grows.  The solar thermal industry is still in its infancy and as a result there is a shortage of skilled installers and technical knowledge.  It is clear that strong support of distributors for their dealers is required, such as:

–  Technical support, including training of installers and sales people.

–  Marketing support (co-operative marketing, teaching how to promote the product)

–  Distribution model development (ensuring viable storage and transportation formats)

–  General business development and strategic planning activities (growing sales)


SolarUS has established a distribution model for the supply of SolarUS quality product to the end user.  Of key importance is that the sale of SolarUS products is a profitable activity for both the distributor and dealer and that at all times customer service is a strong focus.

Below is a diagram of the SolarUS distribution format.

Qualifications for Distribution

 To qualify as an approved SolarUS distributor will meet the following requirements:

  1. Application filed and reviewed
  2. Proof of the financial capability to actuate distribution.
  3. A facility will have to be established and inspected by SolarUS representative.
  4. A stocking order of basic inventory will need to placed and paid for.
  5. Staff to support the network both sales and engineering support
  6. Exhibit at all related trade shows within your territory
  7. Actively marketing with in your territory.
  8. Semi-annual reviews of performance.
  9. Attend annual meeting of distributors