Why are SolarUS panels different?

The sun shines on the collector which heats the water inside of the collector, the heated water is stored in a tank inside of your home, ready for use. SolarUS’s evacuated tube collector (available in black and silver) is typically mounted on the roof.

Two pipes, a flow and a return connect the collector to the pump station – which is also connected to the water tank. The station contains the pump, flow control, flow meter safety valve, air purge and the solar controller. The controller monitors the system and turns the pump on if the collector is hotter than the hot water tank, so that more heat is absorbed into the tank.

The SolarUS Difference:

Guaranteed for fifteen years (the longest warranty on the market) SolarUS tubes are made from high quality borosilicate glass and are fused together. This provides an all glass seal. Some manufacturers use a metal plug to provide the seal which can result in the decreased life of the tube, due to a difference in expansion and contraction rates. The SolarUS tube uses a unique three layer selective coating instead of the standard single al-n/al coating. It consists of an infrared emission layer, an absorption layer and an anti-reflective layer, giving a much improved performance.

Lastly, the silver end of the tube is a “getter” which acts as a sponge to suck up any gasses remaining after evacuation. Should the vacuum be lost, the silver will disperse along the tube “smoking up” the tube and alerting you to replace it.

SolarUS is a producer and distributor of evacuated tube solar collectors and solar thermal products. SolarUS commercial and residential solar thermal systems feature innovative, technological advances to solar collectors and are suitable for both residential and commercial use.