How does it work?

The sun shines on the collector, which heats the water inside the collector. The heated water is stored in a tank inside your home, ready for use.

Our core product is our solar thermal collectors. We have both flat plate and evacuated tubes. These can be mounted on the roof, wall or ground and face the sun. Once the sunlight is converted (inside the collector) to heat, it is transferred to a liquid which is then circulated through pipes by a very small motor and then transferred into a storage tank and stored to be used as needed. A computer control monitors the system temperatures and controls the systems operation. You can even monitor your system (to see how much energy and money you are saving)  from your smart phone!

SolarUS is a producer and distributor of evacuated tube solar collectors and solar thermal products. SolarUS commercial and residential solar thermal systems feature innovative, technological advances to solar collectors and are suitable for both residential and commercial use.