So-Blu Non-Toxic Solar Heat Transfer Fluid

So-Blu Non-Toxic Solar Heat Transfer FluidSo-Blu heat is a newly designed, technically advanced heat transfer fluid specifically formulated for the new solar thermal systems entering the market. These new systems produce much higher temperatures and demand a higher performance heat transfer fluid. So-Blu was developed by a cooperative effort between SolarUS, a leading manufacturer and distributor of Solar Thermal equipment, and DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, the manufacturer Susterra®, the glycol that is the base component of the fluid.

So-Blu is designed for the extreme temperature variations experienced in today’s solar thermal systems. It is a non-toxic mixture to ensure safe use in domestic hot water systems as well as heating and cooling applications.


So-Blu protects your pipes from rust, corrosion and freezing

so-bluIn addition, So-Blu contains rust inhibitors to protect against corrosion and build-up in your pipes. Corrosion is the key culprit to system failure and can shorten the life span of your solar thermal system by years. However, systems that are well maintained can remain in service for 40 years. Corrosion is also the main reason solar thermal systems slowly lose performance over time. As corrosion builds, the flow of fluid becomes restricted, which reduces heat transfer capabilities and creates more thermal resistance.

so-blu2So-Blu is designed not to breakdown during extreme heat, but during freezing conditions it also acts as an anti-freeze to protect against bursting pipes and collectors. Regardless of the season, So-Blu will keep your system working at optimum performance while ensuring the longevity of your equipment, enabling you to stop worrying about system performance.




You have invested in a green solution, doesn’t it make sense to protect and get the most out of your investment?



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