• Residential & Commercial Installer

    SolarUS is a commercial and residential installer of solar thermal products.

  • Introducing the Smart Flower

    Solus30 evacuated tube collectors will save approximately 70% of your domestic hot water costs.

  • Highest Performance in cold

    SolarUs utilizes evacuated tube collectors because of their high performance in very cold conditions…

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About us

SolarUS is a certified installer of solar collectors and solar thermal products. SolarUS solar thermal systems are suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Save Money & Go Green!

If you would like to save money and go green, consider installing a SolarUS solar thermal system to provide hot water and heat to your home or business for unlimited, clean and FREE energy from the sun. Five times more efficient than traditional photovoltaic cells, just one collector converts enough solar energy to provide a family of four with enough hot water for showering, dish washing, laundry and other general home use.

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SolarUS Solutions

SolarUS solar thermal collectors can be used as a wide range of solutions to your home or business: